Scott's Story of Hope

Before he came to Cityteam, Scott was homeless and an addict. He struggled every day with where he was going to eat and where he was going to sleep.

“That feeling of being hungry was one of the worst feelings I ever had,” he says.

But that feeing soon faded and was replaced with a new one: hope.

The hope he found at Cityteam led Scott to join our residential program. That’s when he found out about hope that will never fade.

“This particular program is a godsend for me,” Scott says. “The first time I even opened the Bible was here at Cityteam. But in the time I’ve been here, I’ve begun to understand that God’s love is what’s been missing.”

Change like that can begin with just one meal.

“The one thing that I’ve been extremely grateful for, especially now, is having food,” Scott says.

That’s what happens When Help Meets Hope!

What would our city look like if we all helped our neighbors in need? If we paid attention to neighbors in need like Scott?

That difference starts with YOU. Stand with Cityteam today to help care for immediate needs and enable lasting solutions that bring hope to our community.

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Changing Lives. One Story At A Time.

“I came to Cityteam hopelessly broken and full of shame... I now walk with God every step of the way.” - Melissa
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“I recently bought my first car, I have a job, and I'm moving into my first apartment. God has abundantly blessed me.” - Tina 
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“I was able to eat a Thanksgiving meal with my mother, father and brother for the first time in years because of Cityteam. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Anthony
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“Cityteam saw the good in me, even when I didn’t see the good in me.” – Vincent
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“I truly feel like I have a fighting chance and a bright future ahead of me.” - Maddie
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